Leave the searching to us!

Net Lead Finder delivers highly-targeted, active, sales leads to your sales teams without the traditional risk of advertising.
  • Reach active customers
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Save valuable time
  • Reduce your risk
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  • Monetize web traffic
  • Find relevant offers
  • Generate consistent revenue
  • Strengthen your brand
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Reach pre-qualified sales leads

Working with you, we develop highly-targeted, online lead generation programs to reach prospective customers who meet your customer profiles.  Using internet advertising techniques and a filtering process, only pre-qualified sales leads are forwarded to your sales team.  Your sales people effectively skip the prospecting process because they start with prospective customers who meet your customer criteria and are actively looking to buy.

Pay only when we deliver

At Net Lead Finder, we offer a pay-per-lead pricing model that shifts the risk of advertising from you to us. Unlike traditional advertising where you pay up front and hope someone calls or visits, with Net Lead Finder, you only pay when we deliver.  When we combine our pay-per-lead pricing with our online lead filtering process, you are assured of only paying for pre-qualified sales leads.  It is that simple.

Contact us today to learn how Net Lead Finder can help you reach more qualified sales leads.